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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Sage Closet......

Spent my day photographing, describing and posting items for a Sage Closet. A Sage Closet is my little eBay business. It's not a store yet. I haven't made enough money yet to justify the expense of a store yet. Right now I'm focusing on Sage's baby clothes. I have held on to everything, but when we decided not to have another child I had to find something to do with them. So I thought why not make a buck from them. 

I'm an avid thrifter and am a bit snobby about my selection. I love to find cool designer and high end department store brands for next to nothing. Now, I will buy a discount brand if it's something cool, but the higher end brands hold up better. Cool is cool, though! Most of these items are still in great shape and still have a few more seasons in them. I could resell them to a resell shop, but they give you nothing for them. I could just donate them, but my hubby and I have been bickering about me finding a way to bring in money. Even though I am working to make the photography my career, the eBay store brings in money now. It's not a lot right now.

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