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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little rain good....but let's not get carried away.

It rained all night last night. It must have gotten bad, I woke to no power this morning. Luckily it was back on before noon.  I don't guess we're going to pick peas this week. They're not covered in straw that would just be a muddy mess. Maybe next week will be drier. These are some rain photos I took on one of our explores.....

The weekend before Memorial day Sage and I travelled with my husband while he was on the road. He was working in Memphis and I'm from the area. I hadn't seen my family for awhile so we went along for the ride. On our trip back from Memphis we ran into heavy thunderstorms around Louisville. Actually the tornado sirens were going off and the warnings were being issued. We had Sage calmly watching a movie in the back, my husband was cursing and driving determinedly to get us out of the city, as I used what juice was left in my camera battery after Dino world, to keep me calm taking photos of the rain on the window. I'm actually quite please with how they turned out. 

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