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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm so crafty I make people.....

My son Sage is the greatest thing I've created in my life. Born only four days after my birthday, he was the best present the world has ever given me. Don't get me wrong we have good days and bad just like any mother and child. He is energetic, very creative and has an almost Stewie like quality to him. ( I guess I should have watched what I said when I was pregnant.) But I wake up everyday happy to have brought such a beautiful soul into the world.
I waited later in life to have a child. My husband and I wanted to be in a good place to when we had him. I don't know how good of a place we were, but when it came to the appointed time we had set to start trying my husband obliqued. Actually, I got pregnant two months after we started trying to conceive. We think it was on Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts. The best souvenir I ever came back from vacation with.
I wish I could say that my pregnancy was a magically uplifting experience, and that I love the experience of being pregnant. I can't necessarily say that was the case. I wouldn't trade that time for anything, and having a life growing in me WAS magical. What was going on with my body wasn't. I got pregnant at 36 I have to admit I wasn't in the best of shape.  I had quit smoking after almost twenty years and gained quite a bit of weight. That summer I had begun to work out and eat better. I was pulling the weight off. That didn't last long. Once I was pregnant I gained weight and gained it fast. I joked that I had a gravitational pull. I attracted little petite women to me and they orbited me like moons. There was one in particular that every time I passed her at work she would just follow me circling me talking to my belly. It was flattering, but a little strange. I actually had to change doctors because of it. My original doctor scolded me and recommended Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. I left his office in tears. They switched me to his partner after that. I was relieved. I still had to see the original doctor one more time. That would end up being an ordeal.

I do have to admit I didn't experience much in the way of morning sickness. I only had a few horrible moments. I was working by the cosmetic and fragrance department at Macy's so a little nausea was to be expected. During the last few months I was diagnosed with the onset of Gestational diabetes. So I had to start seeing a specialist. The funny thing was I had three doctors and none of them could decide what I needed to focus on. One, as I had mentioned, had an issue with my weight, my second OB GYN was terribly concerned with my diabetes and the diabetes specialist was concerned with my age. My husband thought they were all over reacting. So it can only be imagined what a thrilling time this was. During my last few weeks of pregnancy my blood pressure began to rise so I was put on bed rest. At the end of my first week on bed rest I had to go back to my original doctor because his partner was out of town for a conference. We had discussed inducing before he left and decided I wasn't ready. Well, when I went to his partner he decided that I needed to be induced. I asked him if I needed to cancel my appointment for Monday at the office he said no he would take care of it. He didn't.
He did make the appointment with the hospital, and we checked in at our appointed time. The problem was he didn't bother to tell the other doctor. I should have known to follow up. We get there, check in and they get me started on the inducing drugs. When they contacted my doctor he was livid and concerned because I had missed my appointment that day. He knew nothing about the inducement.  I'd never seen such a mild mannered person get so postal. He was angry at me at first, then when I explained how insistent the other doctor was, his anger moved to him. We could hear him outside the door on the phone yelling at him. I saw that doctor one more time, his head was totally down in shame. He examined me, in the presence of my main doctor, and was forced to admit the mistake. On the third day of the inducing, with no signs of change we opted for a C-section. Not the way I wanted to have my son, but the results were the same. I had created a beautiful little person and my life would never be the same again.

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