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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur......

Well so much for our camping trip. We are suppose to have thunderstorms all weekend. Shade! Maybe we'll go to COSI and see the Titanic exhibit.

On the weekends we have to keep it low key. The hubby works third shift so sleeps during the day. During the week when it is just me and the Grim, we romp around the house with Salvador Dogi like wild things. These days are some of best times.

One of the best times was right after I got the Rebel. Sage doesn't usually pose, but on this day I was totally  engrossed in my new toy. I was taking photos of the dog and random things just to get a feel for the camera. I thought I would give Sage a break.

I guess he is so use to me having a camera of some form in his face, that the fact I was photographing everything except him did not please him, because he just broke out into song and dance. His rendition of Walk the Dinosaur. When that song first came out in the 80's I never dreamed that it would entertain me so much. I was too cool for myself. I would never find such an asinine song so entertaining. It is sung so much in my house now that I have almost learned the words. My how things change.

But I digress....

I start to hear boom boom alalack boom. I go in the kitchen and he is standing in the middle of the room singing his song. (Thank you Ice Age 3). I couldn't keep from laughing, and he was loving the attention. He's becoming such a ham. We carried on for a good while with this silliness. I joined in for a while. We don't photograph that though. 

I love creating selective colour photos. They are perfect in situations like this where the background is cluttered and what you want the viewer to focus on is getting lost in it. Simply pick a dominant colour to use as your pop on your focal point. The PJ's were the obvious inspiration, and the perfect distraction from my messy creative space. The devil is in the details with this effect. Take your time and don't be afraid to get up close. This is perfect effect for those silly moments. It is also perfect for singling people or action in photos with a lot going on in them.  I save this discussion for a later date.....

After our dancing we settled for a snack and I set out to get some things accomplished around the house. Leaving the gremlin to his own devises, and awaiting our next exploit. 

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