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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Looking for fun....

Activities on rainy days can sometimes be limited. I have a bad habit of getting lost on the laptop and letting him get lost on the T.V. I do get into my inspiration days where I spend the day in the kitchen cooking or crafting. I doesn't matter where I go, my little shadow is nearby getting into mischief. Being an only child he is great at playing by himself, but it's always more fun to have someone to play with. I took this with the natural light from a sliding glass window. No flash. I love how this came out. He had found the binoculars in the explore bag.  We looked at them together for a while, but true to form I eventually want to play his way. He was checking them out in all ways. So I started snapping pictures. When he started looking through them correctly, he began insisting mommy picture.  I was so proud of my boy.  When I said cool he asked to see the picture and was like "KEWL!!!", giggled and took off. It was a proud moment. 
Moments like this I always love the feel of vintage snapshots. The ones I remember from my childhood. On my snapshots you will find common themes of increasing contrast, vignetting, and applying a cross pattern effect very lightly. I love that old school warm glow. The rounded corners give it a bit of authenticity. 
It was a steady rain that day. Still a little cool, because it was early in the spring. He was dying to go outside and play. It was a perfect day for puddle jumping, but I wasn't feeling the cleaning that comes after an afternoon of puddle jumping. We had played all afternoon. Singing, dancing and exploring, but now he was ready to go outside. So the game quickly became how far can I take it before I get in trouble.

Thank goodness on this day, he decided not to take it too far....

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