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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teen invasion.

This is a quick little note. I've been invaded by three teen girls for the week. The are my hubby's nieces and have really had a rough way of it. So we like to have them stay with us for a week in the summer. This is the first time in a while they have stayed out of trouble and kept their grades high enough to come for a visit. They are great girls and they totally adore Sage. Here's an introduction.

First there is Paris she's a typical teenager of 16. Probably a bit older than her years, but in her young life she has seen a lot, and had a lot of the responsibility of making sure her sisters were cared for.

Then you have Tori the middle child. She's a good kid, but she definitely has the middle child syndrome, and a tendency to do whatever it takes to get her attention.

Then there is Jackson Danielle. Everyone calls her Dani, I call her Jackson or Jack. A wild little spawn at times, but the most gentlest of soul at other times. She loves Sage and I believe even at 12yrs old she would sacrifice herself for my son.

I love these girls with all my heart. I want the best for them. They've had enough crap thrown there way to make a good man bad, they deserve more in life. I'm glad that finally things are starting to go their way. I just hope that they don't repeat the mistake that those before them have made.


Winterswan said...

It's great that you guys can take the girls for part of the summer. It's probably a fun and positive experience for them as much as for you. That love you give them can go such a long way!!! Have a great summer.

The OriginalPsyn said...

Thanks, that's what we try to to. My husband came from fairly poor background, but was blessed to have a best friend who took him in and show him things outside of small town West Virgina. I was blessed with a middle class up bring, so I saw and did a lot. We just want the girls to experience the same thing. Plus, I want them to know a strong female that allows them to be themselves. They really don't have that.