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Monday, July 19, 2010

A new appreciation for the quiet life.

The teen invasion is over. Phew!!! It got a little rocky toward the end, but hopefully some of what I said to them about manners, politeness and respect got through to them. I'm not holding my breath though. All their fighting and tattling made me thankful for my quiet life and southern up bringing. Sniping and bickering was not acceptable by my family growing up, and would usually land you a beating, time-out or both (depended on my dad's mood). The week has also made me thankful that I have such a good friend with similar parenting views as me. Although theological we differ to the point of night and day, we are on the same page that manners and respect for all people and things is key to a child's development. Without these things a child's development is stunted and they will lack the necessary building blocks for a successful life. I think that so many parents in their busy lives forget the basics.Out and about this past week, I was amazed that my son, who is now 3, has better manners than most children older than him. He already says "please", "thank you", "excuse me" and "I'm Sorry" in the proper context, and often without needing to be asked.

Speaking of my best friends these are some photos I took at a play date a right before getting the girls.

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