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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage Type

Monday's are always blah days. The Sunday evening release of the past week's frustration behind the karaoke mic always leaves the soul cleansed, but the body drained. There has been a lot of frustration to banish the past few months. Finances have been tight and emotions have been high. So thrifting hasn't been a luxury as of late. April is the first month since before Thanksgiving that the purse strings have really been loosened.  This weekend the hubs was complaining about the lack of dishes (Most didn't survive the last move). So today in my haze I decided to stop at the Goodwill I pass everyday on the way to take little man to preschool. I shop there periodically. It has set prices and doesn't run many sales, so I don't  shop there as often as other stores. I do call it my boutique store because they carry higher end items. As usual I found some great designer clothes and purses, but my find of the day was an antique typewriter.

It is an Underwood standard No. 5. Put out between 1900 -1920 (I think). Steam-punk at it's very core. Inspiration struck, and for $15 it couldn't be left behind. This is just a quick cellphone shot. An idea has been germinating for awhile and this prop will be an ideal center for a character to develop. 

But for now the energy is drained, and must be recharged. This story will be continued on a later day.

BTW I did pick up a few stoneware dishes so I still did what I set out to do......

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