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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. March was a busy month for OriginalPsyn Photography and April even more so. That is a great thing, but I got so wrapped up in business that I almost forgot to plan out something special for my son to take to preschool for Easter. It's not that we have to, but he enjoys taking little present for his friends and I enjoy making them. So I found myself the night before scrambling to find something quick and easy to put together for him. So I turned to my favorite source of inspiration Pintrest.

First can I must sing the praises of Pintrest. It is quickly eking out Facebook as my favorite social media, but that is another story. There were lots of different Easter crafts I could've done but considering I was starting this at 11pm so I was extremely limited on time. Another constraint I had was his school strict food policies. I'm the mom that always brings the snacks for parties so luckily I had a list of approved foods. BTW goldfish are safe for those with nut allergies. So browsing through my board of Easter inspiration I found these. Voila!!!! I have my game plan.

These little carrot snack bags are a snap to make. All you need is:

--Disposible icing bags (found in the cake decorating department)
--twist ties (I actually used paper ties that I save from my son's toy packaging)
--Goldfish (you could also use orange jelly beans, cheese puffs etc.)
--Something green (It could be ribbon or cut construction paper be creative. I used a paper basket filler)

They are as easy to make as filling the bag twist the top, place the green on top and secure with tie. Couldn't get easier than that. For the tag I just used some of my scrap paper and Tim Holz distressing inks, and did some basic distressing. Project from beginning to end took about two hours, and since I used supplies that I already had on had the only cost was the price of a giant container of Goldfish. It was well worth the time, effort and cost to see how proud my son was to take them to school, and to see the delight on his classmates and teachers faces. 

On a side note I just had to share these from Easter last year. These Dino Eggs were totally adorable. I tried to find them this year, because dinosaurs rule our house. Alas, they were no where to be found. At least we have the photos to remember them.

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