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Friday, April 13, 2012


OMG!!!! The day has finally arrived! I now have Instagram for my Droid phone. I've been doing a happy dance all week. Beside client work, I haven't even picked up my DSLR this week. I have a shiny new toy.  I love the emotion Instagram effects give to the image. It's effects that I would spend hours otherwise trying to figure out. Perfect for just wanting to freeze random moments in time. You can freeze it, record it's significance and store it for later. I know they are only cellphone photos, but the moment was important enough to pull out your camera, why not record it in the best possible light. Instagram allows you to do this quick and easy.

Case in point......

This is a quick snapshot of some flowers I bought for the neighborhood entrance flower bed. For once it actually took more time to shoot the photo than to edit it. Yippee!!!! 

I am a photographer, and my DSLR camera is my life and wouldn't trade it for the world.  I am by no means a camera snob though. I believe that the best camera is always the one you have with you. Make the most with you have. More times than not that is my cellphone. I've had times in my live that the only camera I had was my cellphone, so I just learned how to use it to the best of it's ability. I think that has made a huge difference on my work professionally.  

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