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Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's been awhile.

Hi to everyone who has either hung in there with me or just simply was to lazy to remove me from their following list. You rock. I had to leave for awhile. Things got really dark in the House of Wild Things last year, but the sun has finally began to shine again and I've come back out to play. You may be asking yourself "Why didn't you just talk about it in your Blog." Well if it were totally up to me I probably would have hung all my dirty laundry out to dry, but out of respect for my husband I opted for internet silence. Although things are looking up, they aren't perfect. We're working on that though. For now the station is back up and my silence is broken. A few thing that have happened since I was last here, we've moved, OriginalPsyn Photography has taken off, Sage is now potty trained, I've lost 50 pound and I've turned 40.

 The move has probably been the best thing that has happened for the family. When we moved to Columbus we weren't familiar with the city and it's neighborhoods. Our real estate agent was from a pocket community that was surrounded by ghetto. She was determined to sell us on the area. Unfortunately for us we drank her Kool-Aid and bought a house in a less than desirable area of Columbus. Until we had Sage the neighborhood wasn't that big of a deal. Now that he is getting close to school age, we had to reevaluate our location. Especially since a neighbor who was a school teacher told us that we better start saving for private school or plan to home school, because even though she taught at the school she would never send her kids to them because they were so dangerous. We took her advise and move north to the Worhtington/Powell/Dublin area. The move has done wonders for our family unit. Granted the area is not perfect. It's a wealthy area and snotty pretentious people run amuck up here. I'd rather deal with them though than dodge bullets and carjackers in my old hood.

The new neighborhood has been great for little man also. We are now living the suburban dream, in a nice neighborhood with lots of kids and a huge park where everyone meets and socializes. He has come out of his shell with other kids and is beginning to make friends. This has also led to him to decide to be a big boy and put away the pull ups and start potting like a big boy. After a year and a half of fighting with him, it's funny that all he need was to be around other kids his age. Go figure. Now he is all excited about starting school and learning about everything. It makes a mamma proud. He has actually even embraced my photography and instead of running from my camera, he has become a total ham and totally mugs for the camera now. He is working toward his 2011 explorer badge with the Columbus Metro park system and we are really enjoying it. He's funny when he finds something cool or is doing something he likes I'll hear him yell "Mommy, Mommy come here and take a picture of me." That just brings a smile to my face and my heart.

Speaking of my photography. I've officially launch OriginalPsyn Photography, and it's doing pretty well. We haven't done a lot of advertisement yet beside my facebook page. I still have some things to sort out before I can really get into the business, but still without advertising I'm booking a hand full of client every month and I've started selling my art pieces. Soon I will get an Etsy shop up and I hoping to sell my photos in print, cards, stickers and magnet forms. I'm even looking to turn them into scrapbooking supplies also. So stay tuned for more news on that as development come up.

The move and everything else has been great, but the biggest change has been with me. I've finally shaken the depression that I've been in for years. At the beginning of the year the realization that I was turning 40 hit me. I'm not going to go into great details on that right now. It's a post all in itself.  I realized no one except for myself was going to change things in my life. A big issue with me was my weight gain. I had always been thin until recent years. I can remember when I went up to a size 8 before I got married I cried for days. But after quitting smoking and having a baby in my mid-30's I really packed on the pounds. Then day I woke up and my weight over 180 and my size 14 jeans were too tight I said ENOUGH!!! I decided it was time to do something about it. So I set out to loose weight. So within the past 4 months I have lost 50 pounds and am now fitting back into size 4/6 jeans and medium shirts. I haven't been that size since before I was married 6 years ago. But like the depression that's a long story in itself. I'll tell you about it later.

For now I have to go. Part of me blogging again is finding the right balance and not getting carried away with my posting. You will see me back in the photo contests soon. I have so missed seeing everyone's beautiful work and being inspired by your stories. Hopefully I can rebuild some of the bonds I had before I went AWOL, and build some new friendships. Till next time.....


Mom of M&Ms said...

TOtally thrilled that you are back... What a lot of stuff this break has brought you.. SOunds wonderful.. Praying that photography is taking you where you want to be. I am rebuilding business after moving from Nebraska to Dallas.. seemed like a lo tof competition and a tough market but 9 months later amazing things are happening... I am interested to hear how it goes for you! Welcome back

The OriginalPsyn said...
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The OriginalPsyn said...

Thanks it's great to be back. So many things have happened and I can't wait to talk about them. Photography has been a big part of the changes in my life. Who would've thought the purchase of a DSLR would have had such an impact on me. But that's a whole story in and of itself....I understand what you are saying about the competitiveness of the photography business. It's the same thing here. I'm glad you've been able to make the transition. You're a talented photographer you should be appreciated... I'm so happy to be back and can't wait to catch up.