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Friday, August 5, 2011

I am a paleontologist....

Besides the photography and baking I also love to Thrift. It's almost an addiction, my husband is just grateful that my shopping addiction rotates around thrift shopping and not more expensive stores. I've had a page on facebook I used use for an e-bay business had that I sold my son's old clothes. Since I don't do that anymore and I have some followers already I changed the direction toward talking about all the wonderful things you can find in thrift stores if you just look. Check it out and like it at Sage Living

My favorite fashion piece to shop for when I'm out Thrifting or Garage sale shopping are handbags. I don't care what they say about shoes, purses are a women's best fashion friend. They carry all your things without complaining, you can take out your frustrations on them without hurting their feelings and they never make you feel fat. My absolute favorite brand of hand bags is Fossil. I love the warm rich earth tones they use and their simple tomboy style. I'm always searching them out. 

These are a couple I've found on my second-hand shopping adventures. The dark brown handbag I found at an Ohio thrift for $4.50. It is great for and everyday bag and it is large enough to carry juice, snacks and the occasional dinosaur around for my 4 year old. The red bowling bag style purse I purchased at a garage sale for $3. It is one of my signature pieces. It was in almost new condition when I bought it. The leather tag was broken off the main zipper, but I replaced it with a large camera charm (I'm also a freelance photographer). That just made it all the more special.

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